Did you score up to your institution of choice cut-off mark or generated change of institution/course to meet with your school cut-off mark? If the answer is yes then you are qualify for the year 2020 post UTME screening exercise.

These are the guides to prepare for Post UTME:

  1. Start reading as early as possible.
  2. Be determined to pass.
  3. Study relentlessly.
  4. Read past post UTME questions very well.
  5. Enquire from students who have written the examination before.
  6. Study relevant materials.
  7. Commit the examination into the hands of God.

We have noticed one thing while tutoring students ,that Most students, up to 70% find it extra difficult to read their books and prepare for any examination. While others find it stressful and time-consuming just to read through a topic. But are capable of staying on Social Media for hours.

We always advise our students/readers to prepare for their examination before time, so when the time for the examination comes, they’ll come out with flying color.

Your decision to succeed in securing admission into your school of choice lies with you, and we advise you, to purchase lots of textbooks, dictionaries, past questions and answers, mock questions and others which focus on your course. Take note that these materials will enhance your mastering of the scope of the exams you are expecting.

Study with Past-Questions

Dear friend, do not fall into the misguided conception that you can go it alone! It is important to have a clear understanding of the questions you are likely to be asked and the likely areas the questions might come from, and what better way to do that than with questions of previous examinations?

Read Consistently

Of course, you have chosen the path to study, so reading is no longer a hobby for you. Make consistent reading your culture. The secret of more than 300 in your Post UTME exams lies in persistent reading. After obtaining the exams pattern, set up a reading schedule and follow it. Your goal is to get admission, so you should give it priority until it arrives.


In order to make it in your quest for admission, you should also get involved with extramural classes. Find a suitable and educative center, then proceed and register your extramural classes.

Always make your self available to attend the extramural classes. These type of class will not only help you refresh your memory about what you had previously learned in your secondary school, but it will also go a long way, in boosting your classroom understanding and discoveries of new knowledge.

Always Sleep During Your Appropriate Time:

Studies have shown that some students love reading during Day time, while others love reading during Night hours.

When you are preparing for any exams, please take note that sleeping is very important. Sleep helps in the consolidation of memory, but don’t worry overslept.

Stay Healthy:

You may be wondering if anyone will be happy and Love to be sick?

Well, you can stay healthy before your examination by following the health tips for students. You should note that sickness can be caused by excessive feelings of tiredness and fatigue, which is often caused by sleeplessness,
If you are feeling as if you are not well, report to your parent, a nurse or a doctor. Make sure you are well.

Eat Well:

Another trait which is often discovered in students, preparing for their examination, is that they often go hungry while reading. During your exam preparation period, try to eat, likewise, we also advised you, not to overeat, so as to avoid sleeping while reading. While preparing for an examination, the best food to eat is:

  • Plenty of  fruits,
  • You should also Drink Milk,
  • Take Glucose.

The above prescription will help your body system to enhance retention.

Your Online Time:

I know we are in the technology age, and every single one of us, do have twitter and facebook account, and yes, we’re always spending our time online, chatting, messaging etc.

While preparing for your examination, you should make sure, to cut off the time you spend on your favorite social media networks and study.

The successful people you see today did not spend their whole life, reading and criticizing social media, then automatically became Millionaires.

You have to sacrifice something, to gain something much more important and useful.

We hope that you put the above tips to practice, and we’re wishing you, the very BEST of success in your forthcoming examination!

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