Time to put Sweden at the top of your 2022 Travel list and Essentials things to do in Sweden

Time to put Sweden at the top of your 2022 Travel list and Essentials things to do in Sweden
Time to put Sweden at the top of your 2022 Travel list and Essentials things to do in Sweden

If you believe you have completed your 2016 travel list without the beautiful Kingdom of Sweden, think again. Whether you’re planning a walking tour of Europe with your friends, preparing for an annual family vacation somewhere in the north, or just looking for peace and nature, it’s time. put Sweden at the top of your list.

Weather Condition

Most people prefer to go to Sweden in the summer because the season has a pleasant climate that is neither too hot nor too cold. Hikers and anglers also love the fall season when leaves of different earth tones dance in the air.

Transportation system

The most common means of transport in Sweden is by car and train. Any travel guide can perfectly claim that the country has a very advanced rail system. Further north, buses are used in areas that are difficult to reach by train.


Food in Sweden can mainly be enjoyed in street kiosks and lunch restaurants because they sell cheaper products compared to evening gourmet restaurants. Since dining indoors is expensive in the evening, locals and tourists alike enjoy reasonably priced lunch buffets or “meals of the day”. These come with Swedish specialties and other European specialties and usually include salad, soda, and coffee. Daily meals are generally served from 11 am to 2 pm, sometimes even until 3 pm.


Accommodation can be found in hotels, inns, guest houses, apartments, and vacation homes. We strongly recommend that you always book in advance, especially in Stockholm and Gothenburg, as both cities have trade fairs and congresses that can block all local hotel capacity.

Geographical Location

In the major cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg, it is advisable to purchase a city map. These cards include museum admission, a free travel guide, public transportation, and other benefits.

Ancient Things

A visit to the city of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is a must. The city is home to a range of sights, from the amazing buildings to the beautiful museums with classical and modern themes, such as the Vasa Ship Museum and the ABBA Museum. Don’t forget to visit the Kulturhuset, the art and culture center of the city. It is considered one of the most visited buildings with exhibitions, shops, restaurants, a live theater, and Stockholm’s main tourist information. Tourists can also take the steamboat “Mariefred” to Gripsholm Castle in Mariefred (Sörmland County), which is only three and a half hours from the city and Travel list and Essentials things.

A visit to Uppsala (north of Stockholm) can give everyone a lively atmosphere because the university city is home to many international students and the great campus life gives everyone a warm feeling of appreciation or memory of their youth.

For those who enjoy cold air and snow sports, they can visit Lapland further north. This county is a popular winter destination in any Swedish travel guide with its various ski areas and beautiful

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